Former Baranovich

Yeshiva Ahavas Torah Baranovich was founded in 1997 to give life and continuity to the important Jewish Community of Baranovich, fifty-five years after the complete annihilation in 1942 of that large and vibrant community.

Baranovich (Baranovici), White Russia, took shape in the latter part of the 19th century on a strategic intersection of important railway lines.

Both the Warsaw - Bialestok - Minsk - Moscow and the Cracow - Lublin - Brest - Minsk - Moscow trains passed through Baranovich, as well as the Rovno - Vilna - Riga line.

Yeshiva Ahavas Torah Baranovich encompasses study, perpetuation, documentation and publication, all relating to the pre-Holocaust Jewish Community of Baranovich, White Russia. Based in Jerusalem, Israel, it was founded by the late Rabbi Leib Baron zt”l (originally: Baranovich) of Montreal, Canada, who was one of the most illustrious and accomplished alumni of the "Ohel Torah" Yeshiva in Baranovich. It is presently headed by his son, rabbi Elchonon Baron. The activities and history during its twenty years of existence include: 

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