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Large Rivlin Family Tree Poster

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The Rivlin Family Tree, charting the Rivlin family. 1900, single leaf, 60 x 47 cm.

This family tree traces the Rivlin family back 400 years (from today). The Rivlin family is a large and distinguished Jewish family. This family tree records the heads of the family back to the year 1671, to Rabbi Moshe Rivkas (1600–1684), author of Beer Hagolah, and Chief Rabbi of Vilna. The family, headed by Rabbi Hillel Rivlin, emigrated to Eretz Israel in 1809, following the call of the Vilna Gaon, hoping to greet the Messiah who was expected imminently.

This poster was made by a grandson of Rabbi Hillel, Rabbi Joseph Rivlin (c. 1837–1896), one of the heads of the Jewish community in Jerusalem during the 19th century. For many years Rabbi Joseph stood at the helm of the ”Vaad HaKlali Knesseth Israel, ” which united all the Ashkenazi communities in Jerusalem. In this capacity he was involved in founding many Jewish neighborhoods outside of the Old City walls. In 1896 he died and left his family destitute due to his insistence not to derive any benefit from public funds.

This poster is in very good condition.