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Michtav Eliyah of the Gr"a‭ - ‬First Edition

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R. Eliyahu, the Gr”a of Vilna

Shir HaShirim and Havakkuk with the commentary of R. Eliyahu, the Gr”a of Vilna. Prague. 1911. [2], 24 leaves, 21 cm.

The first edition of these commentaries, but with many errors. In addition, the introduction from the sons of the Gr”a that appears on the flyleaf is really an introduction to another work of the Gr”a (a commentary on Aggadah, Vilna 1800), with minor changes. Printed on the final leaves are novellae by the Gr”a on different topics. There are some copies with additional lists of subscribers.

In very good condition.

Vinograd, HaGr”a 75, 150; Dinstag 23; Vinograd, Prague 1207.