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HaKaddish‭ - ‬Cairo‭, ‬1919‭ - ‬Hebrew‭, ‬Yiddish and French‭, ‬R‭. ‬Aaron Mendel Cohen

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R‭. ‬Aaron Mendel Cohen‭

R. Aaron Mendel Cohen

Sources, laws, customs, and the various texts of the Kaddish, by R. Aaron Mendel Cohen, Rabbi of the Ashkenazi community of Cairo. Cairo. 1919. [4], 100 pp., 13 cm.

A pocket-sized book written in Hebrew, Yiddish and French, with title pages in Hebrew and Yiddish. Printed on pages 13–15 is a summary of the laws of Kaddish, and its French translation. With a printed soft cover binding. The book is very rare.

It is printed on paper with acid content. Some of the pages are damaged on one side.