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Vidui Gadol Shel Yom Mevorach‭ - ‬Damascus Print

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The expanded order of Vidui for Yom Kippur. Damascus, Romano press. [Circa 1920]. [1], 9 pp., 19.5 cm.

This is an expanded version of the vidui “Ashamnu Bogadnu,” similar to that customarily recited in Baghdad. Printed on the soft cover binding is a border, with verses inside it, the name of Hashem in large letters, and underneath, the name of the printer. This is very likely the only Hebrew work printed in Damascus during the last four hundred years. Bibliographers list only one other Hebrew book printed in Damascus, in the year 1605. Mehlman, in Ginzei Yisrael no. 475, writes concerning this work: “we are unaware of the existence of a printing press in Damascus in the modern era. This is undoubtedly an extraordinarily rare work.

In good condition, with slight tears on the title page that were restored.

Ginzei Yisrael 475.