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Ginzei Knesset Israel Hag‭.-‬London,1877-‭ ‬1st Ed‭., ‬Original 1/2‭ ‬Leather Bind‭.‬

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Ginzei Knesset Israel Passover Haggadah, with English translation and commentaries, by R. Dov Ber Speyers and R. Eliezer Grayevsky of London. Distiller press. 1877. 43, VIII pp., 23 cm.

First edition. The text of the Haggadah is based on a manuscript of R. Shabtai Sofer of Przemysl, with the commentary of R. Yonatan Eybeshutz, also taken from a manuscript. It was published from a collection of manuscripts discovered in the library of the Knesset Israel synagogue in London. There are a few additions from the publishers. The English is printed on facing columns, with an additional English title page.

This haggadah is an important and rare one. Many later haggadahs were based on it.

In very good condition, with its original half-leather binding, with wine stains.

Yaaari 1115, Ma Nishtana A9, Otzar Hahaggadot 1483.