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Chiddushim U'pilpulim al Hilchot Basar VeChalav‭ - ‬R‭. ‬A.L‭. ‬Zunz‭, ‬1st Edition

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R Aryeh Leib Zunz

R Aryeh Leib Zunz

Novellae and intricate studies on the laws of milk and meat, by R. Aryeh Leib Zunz. Warsaw, Avigdor son of Joel (Levinson) press. 1844. [1] 42 leaves, 20.5 cm.

First edition of this important work by the author, known by his acronym, the Maharal Zunz. The author was born in 1765, and was one of the most brilliant scholars of his time. He wrote prolifically on all areas of Torah scholarship. He passed away in 1833 without having published any of his works. Engraved on his tombstone are the words of his final will, promising to intercede on behalf of those who labored to publish his writings. Here is one of the first of his works to be published.

This is a special copy: an additional page, printed only on the reverse, is added after the title page, with a preface from the publisher from 1850(!) It was copied from the publisher’s preface to the work Tiv HaChalitzah by the same author, printed in Warsaw in 1848, with a few slight changes.

It is printed on thick paper and in good condition, with its original half-leather binding. With some slight worming that was restored.

Vinograd, Warsaw 325.