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Divrei Geonim, Signature and Note of R. S. Heller - in a Beautiful Binding

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Divrei Geonim in a beautiful binding, Signed by R. S. Heller of Safed

Compendium of halachic responsa on monetary matters, by R. Chaim Aryeh [Kahana]. Ungvar. 1870. [4], 134 leaves, 25 cm.
First edition, with many important approbations. On the final leaf are halachic novellae in the name of R. Shlomo Ganzfried, author of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch.
It is signed many times by R. Shmuel Heller, and includes a lengthy handwritten note on leaf 20. R. Heller immigrated to Eretz Israel with his father as a child, and lived in Safed.
He studied by R. Avraham Dov of Ovruch, author of Bat Ayin. He was head of the Ashkenazi community of Safed, and actually of the whole Galillee area. He had a very large library, the likes of which had never been seen in Eretz Israel. He was proficient in kabbala, and wrote several kabbalistic treatises. He passed away in 1884.