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Regole delle Tasse della Nationè Hebrea di Ferrara‭ (‬Capitoli‭) , ‬1702

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By-laws in Italian of the Ferara Jewish community, regarding community taxes, with a letter of excommunication in Hebrew from the Ferara rabbis. Ferara. 1702. [1] large sheet, 55 x 42 cm.

A poster written in Italian and Hebrew and printed on a large sheet of high-quality paper. The Jewish community had autonomy regarding collection of the community taxes. The rabbis of the community threatened excommunication for any member who violated the rules.

The following rabbis of Ferara are signed on the excommunication: Joseph Burgo, Mordechai Tzahalon and Shabbatai Elchanan Sanguitti. R. Joseph (Chizkiyah) Burgo was a physician and head of Ferara’s rabbis, together with his son, R. Shmuel Baruch Burgo. R. Mordechai Tzahalon was one of the great scholars of Italy and a rabbi in Ferara. He authored several prayers and the booklet Metzitz U’Melitz (Venice, 1715) about a disagreement over which tune to sing during the Priestly Blessing. R. Shabbatai Elchanan Sanguitti was also a rabbi in Ferara, and leader of the Italian Synagogue. The famous work Pachad Yitzchak by R. Yitzchak Lampronti brings a ruling from him.

The sheet is very rare and in excellent condition.