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Narrative of a Mission of Inquiry to the Jews‭ - ‬Philadelphia‭, ‬1843

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Narrative of a Mission of Inquiry to the Jews, from the Church of Scotland. Philadelphia, by the Presbyterian Board of Education. [1843]. XX, 555 pp. [2 picture plates, 3 maps], 19 cm.

With the rise of nationalism in Europe in the mid-19th century, the Church of Scotland formed a committee to discuss the “Jewish Problem.” In the spring of 1839, it sent a delegation to see first-hand the conditions of the Jews in many of the European countries as well as in Eretz Israel. Their conclusion was that the “salvation” of the Jews from their depressed state would come only from their conversion to Christianity. This book is the report of this inquiry written up in 1840. Here is the first American edition, with the introductions to the first edition from May, 1842, and to the third edition from March 1843.

Printed on the frontispiece is a map of the countries crossed as they travelled from London to Eretz Israel, a large foldout map printed on special paper. The paths taken were marked on the map after its printing, in a colored marker. There is another large foldout map of the Land of Israel and another full-page map of Jerusalem, also on special paper, as well as two picture plates of various sites in Eretz Israel. In addition, many small sketches are scattered throughout the book.

In very good condition, with its original binding and the emblem of the publisher embossed in gold.