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Dvar Avraham‭, ‬Volume One‭ - ‬First Edition

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R. Avraham DovBer Kahane Shapira

Halachic responsa and novellae and in-depth study of Talmudic topics, by R. Avraham DovBer Kahane Shapira. Warsaw, Edelstein press. (First volume): 1905. [6], 4–257 pp., 33 cm.

First edition of this important scholarly work, with two title pages. R. Avraham DovBer Kahane Shapira was the last Rabbi of Kovno and one of the leading scholars in the pre-WWII era. This was his first published work. He passed away in the Kovno ghetto during the Holocaust, and was perhaps the only rabbi to be honoured with a large funeral under the watch of the Nazis. Many difficult and complex halachic queries posed to him by the ghetto leadership were published after the war.

It is in very good condition.