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Birkat Rosh‭ on Tractate Berachot - ‬1st Edition in Original Binding‭ - ‬Owners‭' ‬Signatures

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Birkat Rosh – novellae on the tractate Berachot by R. Asher HaCohen [Ashkenazi]. Warsaw, Bamberg Press. 1856. [3], 62, 6 leaves, 33 cm.

First edition. In his approbation, R. Yitzchak Elchanan Spector writes that he is personally acquainted with the author whom he terms as “one of the leaders of our age.” The author was born in Tiktin in 1797, and was one of the primary disciples of R. Chaim of Volozhin. He served as Rabbi in Shereshov, and passed away in Posen in 1867.on the flyleaf.

With various old owners’ signatures

Vinograd, Warsaw 578.

In excellent condition, in an original binding restored long ago.