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Sefer Ha'Keritut with sefer Ha'Brit‭ - ‬Ofen‭, ‬1843

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Sefer Ha’Keritut on the laws of Gittin and Chalitzah, by R. Yitzchak son of Abba [Mari] with the commentary Sefer Ha’Brit by R. Shimon Oppenheim. Ofen, 1843. 38, 16 leaves, 26 cm.

First edition of this work with the Sefer Ha’Brit commentary, in two sections with two title pages. R. Shimon Oppenheim, was a Hungarian Rabbi who served in Kitze and in Pest. He also authored the works Har HaCarmel, Har HaMoriah and Nezer HaKodesh. With the owners’ stamps of David Moskowitz, chief of the rabbinical court of Bonyhád (and apparently later in Jerusalem), see: HaChatam Sofer VTalmidav, p. 521. R. David Moskowitz was the son-in-law of R. Yaakov Yechizkiyahu Greenwald, the Admo”r of Pupa in Brooklyn.

In very good condition, with its original half-leather restored binding.

Vinograd, Ofen 74.