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Beis HaBechira‭ - ‬Leghorn‭, ‬1795‭ - ‬First Edition

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Beis HaBechira on the tractates Nedarim, Sota and Nazir, and Nimukei Yosef on the tractate Shevuot. Leghorn, Eliezer Saadon press. 1795. [2], 8, 129 leaves, 29.5 cm.

First edition, and one of the first works printed of the Torah novellae of R. Menachem HaMeiri, one of the greatest of the Rishonim. The book begins with a long introduction from the author, and a poem extolling his greatness, with praise for Moshe Binyomin Foa who purchased the manuscript from which the work was published. There is another long introduction in Italian. On leaf 8 is a large illustration of two cherubs.

In very good condition.

Vinograd, Leghorn 384.