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Otzar Perot Etz Chaim‭ - ‬Beautiful Limited Bibliophile Edition

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Index to the Pri Etz Chaim responsa by the scholars of the ”Bet Midrash Etz Chaim” of Amsterdam, by Menachem Hirsch. Berlin-Antwerp, Soncino publications. 1936. [4] leaves, 365, [2] pp. 27 cm.

The index is in German, and provides detailed references to 953 responsa of the scholarly rabbis who studied in the ”Bet Midrash Etz Chaim” of Amsterdam, and written between the years 1691 and 1807. Each responsum is numbered, along with the year it was written. The index is classified according to name, subject and more.

This bibliophilic work was printed on high-quality paper. According to the colophon, it took five years to compile and was published in a limited edition of 1,000.

In excellent condition, with wide margins as they came off the press, and in its original cloth binding.