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An Open Letter ... Sir Moses Montefiore, Deluxe Copy of Asher I. Myers

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R. Shmuel Salant

Open letter to the righteous Sir Moses Montefiore, providing a true picture Jewish life in Jerusalem, from R. Meir Auerbach and R. Shmuel Salant, depicting an accurate picture of the life of the Jews in Jerusalem. London. 1875, 40, 148 pp., 24.2 cm.

The book is printed in English and Hebrew with two title pages. The two rabbis describe the true state of affairs among the Jews of Jerusalem, as an answer to a highly critical report submitted by a committee of representatives from England. The book was published by Montefiore, who favored the rabbis’ report, and took care to have it translated into English. Following the English section is a photograph of Montefiore׳s signatures in Hebrew and English.

With ex-libris of Asher I. Meyers, chief editor of the Jewish Chronicle, from 1878 until his passing in 1902.

The book is printed with a high quality, on thick paper, with gilt paper edges. The original cloth binding is gold embossed on both sides, in Hebrew and English. Pasted on the inside cover is a photograph of Sir Montefiore sitting beside a large portrait of his late wife, with a protective pergament sheet.

In very good condition, with its original binding.