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Sfat Emet Polemic‭ - ‬London‭, ‬1879

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Triumphant answer . . . moral lesson . . . loyal criticism, ” by R. Joseph Cohen Zedek, a rejoinder to R. Michael [Levi Frumkin-Rodkinson], who wrote a critical review on his book. London. 1879. 64 pp., 21 cm.

A very sharply worded polemic. R. Joseph Cohen Zedek printed Mussar Haskel, a book of his essays in London in 1878. R. Michael Levi Frumkin-Rodkinson wrote a critical review in the periodical HaKol. In this work, R. Josef Cohen Zedek answers him back.

Among his arguments, he claims that R. Michael Levi Frumkin-Rodkinson was the anonymous author of the books of Chassidic tales Sipurei Tzadikim (Lemberg, 1864) and Siftei Tzadikim (Lemberg, 1876). He questions how such a hybrid – half Chassidic and half atheist – could dare to write about the disciples of the Baal Shem Tov. With the stamp of R. Shmuel Goldin.

In very good condition.