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Souvenir...Celebration…Witwatersrand [South Africa]… Rev. Dr J. H. Hertz

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Souvenir of the Decennial Celebration of the Witwatersrand Old Hebrew Congregation and of the Public Reception of the Rev. Dr, Joseph Herman Hertz. Johannesburg. 1898. 36 pp., 22 cm.

A pamphlet of important historical value for the Johannesburg Jewish community, one of the first in South Africa. It includes photographs of the synagogue and its prominent members, including Rabbi Herman Hertz, later Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom. The booklet also includes three discourses from Rabbi Hertz about Jewish civil rights in South Africa. Dr. Hertz was almost expelled from South Africa by Paul Kruger because of his outspoken views on equality for Jews!

The booklet is unusually rare.

Printed on high-quality paper, with a soft-cover binding printed in brown ink. In very good condition.