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Evel Mitzraim‭ - ‬Alexandria‭, ‬1909‭ - ‬Eulogies by R‭. ‬Aaron Mendel Cohen

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R. Aaaron Mendel Cohen

Discourses and eulogies by R. Aaron Mendel Cohen, Rabbi of the Ashkenazi community in Cairo, published by Ephraim and Yekutiel Shimon Leibowitz. [Alexandria], Pereg Chaim Mizrachi press. [1909]. [1], 25, [1] leaves. 20.5 cm.

Only edition. The eulogies and discourses were all delivered in the Cairo Great Synagogue. The first two eulogies were delivered for R. Yitzchak Isaac son of Aryeh Leibowitz, whose two sons, Ephraim and Yekutiel Shimon translated all the eulogies and discourses and brought them to print. Eulogies were also said over the Chacham Bashi R. Yaakov Shaul Elyashar, R. Aaron Gutstein, R. Yisrael Berkowitz, and the young Sa’adiah Abba Levitan. There is a discourse about the sad plight of the Jews of Russia, and another for Lag B’Omer.

There is no connection between this work, and another by the same title published by R. Aaron Mendel Cohen in memory of his parents and teachers, as noted in the introduction. The book is very rare.

In excellent condition, with its original soft-cover binding. Printed on paper with acid content.