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Five Letters by R. Zvi Katzovich of Baranovich to Rabbis Luria of Tiberias

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Five letters printed on the letterhead of the “Toras Chesed Yeshiva under the direction of the Chassidic Rebbe of Slonim.” Baranovich, written by R. Zvi Katzovich, 1931.

1.      Letter to R. Shmuel Shmaya (Luria) of Tiberias, regarding students who received an exemption from army service, others who received a year’s deferment, and one student who was drafted with a plea to pray for his easy release, and more. [Baranovich].

2.     Letter to R. Shmuel Shmaya Luria about his army medical examination and a trip to attend a wedding in Warsaw, and more. Warsaw.

3.       Letter to R. Shmuel Shmaya Luria, inquiring as to his well-being and his visit to Jerusalem, as well as some news relating to the Rebbe, and more. Warsaw.

4.      Letter to R. Yitzchak Mattisyahu [Luria] in Tiberias. The letter expresses interest in his well-being, relates what is being studied in the yeshiva, and what the writer was personally learning. Included is an essay intended for the recipient’s brother [R. Shmuel Shmaya] regarding the significance of the eighth day of Chanukah as taught by the Chassidic Rebbe R. Avrohom of Slonim, the Beit Avraham.

5.      Postcard to R. Shmuel Shmaya Luria. Baranovich, 1931.


R. Zvi Katzovich was the son-in-law of R. Pinchas Bezalel Malovitzky, Chassidic Rebbe of Lechovich-Slonim in Rovno, who, in turn, was the son-in-law of R. Shmuel Weinberg, Chassidic Rebbe of Slonim, author of Divrei Shmuel.

The Luria family immigrated to Eretz Israel around the year 1840 and settled in Safed. R. Yitzchak Mattisyahu Luria, author of the works Avkat Rochlim and Shaarei Limud and R. Shmuel Shmaya Luria were sons of R. Zvi Hirsch Luria, who was born in Safed around the year 1875. He was orphaned of his father in his youth, and was raised by his older brothers. At the age of 17, he moved to Tiberias and married the daughter of R. Mordechai Leeder, thus connecting himself to Slonim Chassidus and its Chassidic Rebbes.


All the letters are in very good condition.