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Six Letters by Family Members of the Rebbe of Slonim in Baranovich

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Six letters written from Baranovich to Eretz Israel, requesting immigration certificates and assistance in acclimating to life in Israel, addressed to Slonimer rabbis in Israel. Baranovich, 1935.

1.       Letter to R. Avraham Weinberg from Moshe Shmaya Weinberg describing his difficult financial situation, but primarily the situation of his brother Mattisyahu, a student in  the Slonim Toras Chessed Yeshiva in Baranovich, who sought to learn a clean and light profession and immigrate to Israel. This was due to the great poverty in Poland, where even seasoned businessmen who until that time had been able to stand on their own with a measure of success had fallen on hard times without the slightest ability to rebuild. In addition, for health reasons, his brother needed to be in the warm and clear air of Israel.

2.      Letter to R. Shmuel Shmaya Luria from R. Moshe Shmaya Weinberg, apparently with the same request. On the second page, the father R. Yaakov Hillel [Weinberg] affirms his son’s desperate need for a certificate.

3.       Letter to the offices of Agudat Israel in Israel from R. Yaakov Hillel Weinberg requesting their assistance for a student immigration certificate for his son R. Mattisyahu Weinberg, an outstanding G-d fearing talmid chacham and activist in the Agudah movement in Baranovich who was encountering great difficulties. He pledged to provide for his son’s support, if that was the issue, as he was a man of means with the ability of supporting his son as long as he continued learning in yeshiva. Included in the letter is a signed and stamped approbation of R. Nisan Sheinberg, a rabbi in Baranovich attesting to R. Yaakov Hillel’s character and ability to provide for his son, and of his son R. Maatisyahu, a fine Torah scholar who sought to help save the G-d fearing Jews from those who seek to break them. He promised that he would remain G-d-fearing even after finishing his studies in Yeshiva, whether he remained in Torah study or turned to some financial pursuit. The letter concludes with a request they help his son realize his dream for his sake, and those of his father and grandfather, the first Rebbe of Slonim, author of Yesod Ha’avodah, Chessed l’Avraham and more.

4.     Another similar letter to the Central Agudat Israel offices from R. Yaakov Weinberg with a signed and stamped approbation of R. Nisan Sheinberg. Here he adds that the boy has wealthy relatives in Israel – R. Yosef Weinberg of Jerusalem and R. Avraham Weinberg of Tveria who undertake to support him to the sum of 3–4 pounds a month. R’ Nisan Sheinberg adds his fears of the new winds prevalent among the youth (signed a day before to the previous letter).

5.    Declaration from R. Yaakov Hillel Weinberg, apparently an appendix to letter no. 3 above to support his son with all his monthly expenses, as long as he studies in one of the yeshivot in Israel. His sources of support are: a steady salary as a faculty member of Yeshivah Torat Chessed and income from rental of a house in Baranovich. With a signed and stamped  approbation of R. Nisan Sheinberg.

6.     Letter to R. Shmuel Shmaya Luria from R. Moshe Shmaya Weinberg on the same topic including his son’s official name and address. [1935]. Enclosed in the official envelope of Yeshiva Torah Chessed.


All the letters are in good condition.